Monday, 1 July 2013

Post-fair Antics

Walking to room 545 I was praying for an ocean view....and some streaming in sunshine. 
Exactly what we arrived to!
Straight after the Auckland Fair, I know like all other vendors, it's a time to breathe, to catch up on Z's, to perhaps count and re-count the days takings, to thank helpers, to treat oneself to a well earned wine.
Mr Oratia and I were lucky enough to be treated to a hotel room in the city for sat night. So we packed up from the fair, and rolled around the corner, donned the complimentary fluffy white robe, chopped up a nashi pear of all things and I PUT MY FEET UP!  ahhhh!
Napping in the sunshine aside, the lippy was applied and I wiggled into my recently-invested-in-a-piece-of-nz-eco-fashion-history-Starfish dress! woot! We headed out to XuXu a delish Vietnamese inspired cocktail bar, sister to the wonderful Cafe Hanoi. There were drinks to start, and a taster of squid in blackbean sauce with coriander & lime, a delight. CHEERS!
We managed to get a table at Mexico for dinner. Crumbs, que rico, it literally was my cielo!! Seriously good food! We ordered 4 plates between us both, each around $8-$12 dollars, and all packed a flavoursome punch. We had been told the fried chicken was a must, and boy was it! I'm a bit of a sook when it comes to spicy food but it tasted so flavoursome, the spice was actually a thrill to eat. The pork belly soft taco was my favourite though, seriously creamy.
The margie's were poured, and we didn't stop doing our happy dances as we laughed, ate, sang in the smokey, colourful, picture-filled room with latino covers of fat freddy's warming our ears & hearts. I exclaimed on numerous occasions...could this get any more perfect?? (happy dance, happy dance) 
So, I'm pretty much checking the diary for when I can visit next. 
Our italian waiter was ever so polite and took a 'couple' picture for us. awww graci.
 Feeling blessed to have such joy about us.
que bueno? que rico? regresar pronto! y tu tambien?


  1. What a great way to spend a post-market evening. I have a market on this Sunday and I think I'll be collapsing in heap once it's over, so admire your stamina. Love your foxy red dress and new do! Won't comment on your mister as he's too young for me!! Food and alcohol all looks delish too. S:)

    1. hahaaa! thanks so much Sally xx All the very best for your market. Is it in Nelson City? Hope the weather is improving down there.

  2. Looks like the perfect after-market evening, lovely! Hey did you see the photo of your market stall over here:, yay!


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