Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Welcoming home

Some special friends arrived home from grand journeys last week. My BF cam back from a month holiday in Canada, I waited in the airport at 4.30am dressed as the above squirrel (getting abused by some lil g's) ...while he sat there watching with a cup of tea waiting and wondering when I was going to arrive so I could get a loada this cute squirrel! ...I couldnt see out of the squirrel head. major design flaw!? AND After two years my fav gal pal is back from Londontown :-) We made her signs, and dressed up like her all time fav pohutukawa trees. Traffic around Auckland airport was a bugger at 5pm on a friday...so we were standing on the roadside in Te Puru for a good few hours. It was hilarious though, as we surely made the coro commuters day with our signs and dancing. 
LESSONS LEARNED: Always take the opportunity to dress up and make signs. And even if your idea doesnt go completely to plan, it makes it all the more hilariously strange :-)
Later...there was wine involved.

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  1. Hehe. Miss you! Hope you are well. Have fun catching up with everyone xx


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