Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sweetest place in town!

I found somewhere pretty darn sweet, in the unassuming neighbourhood of New Windsor of all places!
Sweetie Cafe in all her colour and foodie yumminess, swooned me head over heels. Pop art posters popped colour, and the pastel wooden stools felt playhouse like alongside the swirly gigantic meringues. I wanted to set my sewing station up right there I was so inspired by the vintage splendour.
I chatted with the lovely baristas Katherine & Rebecca as they were finishing up for the day, but they took the time to perfect me the best chai ever to go alongside my coconut and caramel slice - top seller they say, and I can understand why - twas to die for! 

... & they completely stole my heart when I saw gumboot on the bevvy list!

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