Monday, 2 July 2012

The 6 Items Challenge

So July is here, and in NZ we are in the thick of it, COLD that is.
So as most layer up with as many clothes as possible, I am going on a CLOTHING DIET for July.
Look I even downloaded photoshop trial to have a play with some photos. 
PLEASE send me your tips, that would be ever so nice :) I am so basic & struggling!
So WHY the clothing diet you ask?
Have you heard of Labour Behind the Label? An awesome org that stands up for garment workers rights. They host this challenge called the 6 items challenge and little old me in NZ signed up. I want to do my bit to fundraise and raise awareness of the ugly side of fast fashion & to encourage everyone to THINK about their purchases, you know, really think of where and how it was made, not just look at the price tag, thank your wallet and buy far the challenge has looked a bit like this.
They did a little interview with me here 
Head on over to check out the 6 items challenge blog here there's a few of us round the globe doing it.
& if you want to sponsor me you can go here

Or contact me via email if you would like to donate an accessory (nice or wacky)
to help out my July outfits and a really great cause.
Please share to your hearts content on the ol facebook & your blogs. I know you all LOVE ya fashion! 


  1. What a cool thing to do. I'll chip in a brooch, if you're interested. Pop me your address (toastclothing at gmail dot com) and I'll get it in the post this week.

  2. very cool, good luck with your 40 day challenge!


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