Friday, 29 June 2012

Never one to throw things out...

This gorgeous guy I found in December in a tiny suburban Napier op shop sale for $1
We had mucho fun times picnicing, mainly summery friday nights in Silo Park
But sadly a wee ding to the side made his insides a-crash & yesterday I was FORCED me to let him go, Id been keeping him as an ornament even if we couldn't use him for cups of tea no longer... quite a large 'ornament' in my quite packed-to-the-gunnels bedroom, so off he went...but, lo & behold..
On Day 1 of holiday, of course a bit of an op shop excursion saw me meet this lovely lass at a sweet Beach Haven op shop for $5 - fully functional! Fate has me pumping hot water for tea for life :)

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