Wednesday, 27 June 2012

& so I said goodbye

to my un-named yet wonderful industrial plain sewer, 1st row, middle line, New Lynn Campus *sigh*
and twas treated by a visit from mum and a luxurious night in the city!
Good morning Grad Day from the breakfast restaurant, Heritage Hotel Auckland
Mum and I stuffed our tums with a delish breakfast and I readied myself for a special graduation from my first course completed at NZ Fashion Tech - Certificate in Garment Construction.
The neighbourhood looked so pretty with some golden oak leaves still fossiking about. 
So I made mum photograph my little run around - after she made me walk down the wet footpath in my heels ahhh death by slippery leaf!
The glad rags;
Black velvet Jacket - Nana's hand me down
Purple Layered Dress: Mystery op shop from yeeeaarss ago
Yellow Belt: Henderson Hospice Shop 
Bangles (no jangles) & Brooch: Of course from the loft.
Black Organic Cotton Thick Winter Stockings: Farmers
Black Heels: Save Mart (& now in need of a good clean)
Here's to 11 days break kicking back indoors - like this lil guy.


  1. congrats on your graduation Sarah! Yummy looking brekkie there, and I'm fascinated by that interesting brick wall in the second to last photo. Have a lovely break, Sx

  2. Proud of you! Well done. You look stunning in the purple Love xx

  3. Congratulations, that's awesome! Love your purple dress :)


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