Tuesday, 5 June 2012

1 year olds Tieri & Trinity

This little angel turned 1 recently
On sunday she enjoyed a sparkling pretty party
Congrats to my gorgeous friends Laina & Virgillio on raising gorgeous little sweetie Tieri through her first year. Well done guys - so proud of you both, you make such a lovely little famdamly xx & what a fabulous day had by all on sunday - it was so much fun to help decorate the hall too. so fun!
In other news...
My own little baby turned 1 recently too!
That's right, Trinity Street Loft is 1 YEAR OLD - wowee!
I will post some details soon of a wee celebratory giveaway as ya do - party hats and goodie bags.
But for now, the party happens over here
Yup a brand spanking new facey page
so if you like, then go ahead and like :)

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