Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ain't no draught about this Creative Space

I just SO LOVE IT when a friend rings you up and says 'hey could you make this for me?'
In this case, twas a 'draught excluder' (which I did have to google to find out exactly what that was eep!)
I started off recycling the calico squares we use on repeat at sewing school and I patched them together to make skinny tubes (draught excluder now turned into 2, plus an extra for ..well...extra). I then filled them with rice (thanks Jen & MC for the sack).
I then sewed together the outer inner tube with more calico scraps, which I then filled up with...more calico scraps (they're nice and heavy)- SCRAPTASTIC YA!
I used ye ol faithful grey woolly blankets, and a cosy off cut from the bottom of my scarf...I nipped it off as soon as my friend said she liked orange & blanket stitched the joins with blue as navy blue was her second colour in mind.
 It is so very nice to make for friends, not just for gifts as I always do, but for when they ask and challenge me into making new things, I am stoked they are dipping in to my creative skills! 
This weeks creative space was pretty busy with a mountain of things (sorry mum & mums friends the bags are all nearly done!)....but this is the only thing finished haha!
Have a peep over here into other fellow crafty creative spaces. It's always very inspiring.
Oh and while we are on spaces, crumbs Trinity St Loft has just got err hip!?
A new Facebook page even - with oodles of pictures of all recycled stuff.
Head on over here if you like, then like it if you like :)
Happy Thursday you lot!
Time to try shake this near cold. hmph!


  1. Love these! Gorgeous colours too. I love that you worked in other colours to the mix - and with rice they should be less dusty! They will certainly make a difference. I need to make some for out place - the draught stopper on the outer of the door is in a sad state of disrepair.

  2. Great idea, I do need to make some myself. You just cant' seem to buy sturdy draught excluders, they're either a little too short, too thin, or ghastly fabric........
    Love the colours you've used....

    Claire :}

  3. Oh it is great. What a fantastic gift. LOVE the use of the blankets!

  4. Love that dish - rici-non-breezy ;)


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