Monday, 25 June 2012

Mercardo Mercardo!

Had such a wonderful weekend working markets on both days. At Love Vintage & Retro Market with Leigh of Cupcake Carnage and our lovely little helpers Gracey & Paige, we had mucho fun - thank you to all our lovely visitors & a special hello to lovely Lydia and Will, eep stop pointing those luscious blankeys at me :) and also a special hello to the sweet and stylish Rose of Decadia - it was so nice to have you as a market neighbour and to chat vintage, sewing, and life alike. Kraftbomb on Sunday was made ever so awesome by being stall neighbours with the fabulous Rachael of Roobit - so great to catch up, and also thank you to special visitors Gemma, Leigh & Holly. So nice to have your support. Some pics of the weekend antics:
Petal bunting collar
Best dressed of the day..
Roobits gorgeous goodies for lil ones

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  1. Rachael Wallace30 June 2012 at 13:37

    Hey Sarah, so nice to be next to you at Kraftbomb!! Hope to see you again soon!!


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