Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sorry mr bike tyre have been sliced and diced once again into BROOCHES!
Meet two new mr nice guys
& meet SUBMARINE - for those who always carry a thought for the ocean
& meet STARDUST - for those who love to shoot for the stars!
This weeks creative space has been a fun & cosy. It is my last week on the machines at tech (oh how I am going to miss the industrial machines eep!) So I had to quickly whip up some treats for myself while I have the overlocking chance... amongst a request for 6 woolly tote bags I've been working on.
Thankfully this sewing is all pretty toasty warm & cosy
Winter fashion is never dark and stormy for me !!
Hope you all are having a fun creative week, getting your tootsies into something crafty?
Head on over to check out more here!
Happy Thursday lovelies


  1. Hi Sarah, what a fantastic blankie coat! and I spotted some cute blanket stitching bracelets on your wrist. Nice!!
    I also made a draught stopper the other day, but cheated by buying an old manky one at the recycling centre and covered it with a strip of woolen blanket - no sewing machine required! therefore less sweat(& swearing) for me! I really need to improve my sewing skills, or maybe I'll blame the sewing machine!!

  2. haha... love the brooches, very creative!


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