Sunday, 29 July 2012

The grand ol AKL Art n Craft Fair

Twas nice to be at a market and be able to wander about (squish through the masses) rather than be behind the table, and what a place to do it at the awesome Auckland Art n Craft Fair yesterday!
I was so super impressed with all of the stalls - and trust me I had them covered with about 5 laps around the venue eek! But first thing in the morn I met up with my big-day-of-markets friend Gem down in the new britomart amazingness. We had a poke around the farmers market and also checked out the saturday design market at Tyler St Garage - some very snazzy goods about. Twas my first time down that area in a long time, It was gorgeous. I recommend you all to go have a squizz.
Then we mozied up to Aotea Centre for the grand event of the day the Auckland Art n Craft Fair. I spent all my moolah and had a fab time ooing and aahhing. One of the most fabulous items I saw on the day were these incredible necklaces made by Bonjour Sweetie if I remember rightly that had tiny viewmaster slides inside. Hold them up to the light and you have a little pocket of childhood memories right there. I am going to send in some of my viewmaster slides hopefully to get a custom made one. 
Oh so colourful colourful Odd one Out & lollies too.
Plastic Fairy amazing work Sam!
Wild Bramble - Howdy Kim !!
Hola amiga! Luzette & her beautiful stall
new Make Believe Madrid magnet taking pride of place on the fridge with these
from Luu
Hydranger Ranger positive postcard
Tofu Tree luggage tag that I'm turning into a necklace
Millicent Crow goodies!
Emily so great to officially meet you in person! and Kim too :) It is a funny thing knowing someone in blogland and then actually meeting them in person. So nice to see Luzette back again in all her colourful glory - I am in love with everything that Luu has!!! & thanks Olivia for reminding me I could actually leave and didn't need to hang out at the fair aaalll day teehee. All that perusing/shopping deserves a hearty delish lunch - YUM!

Now back to work in prep for First Thursday Market this week. yaaooww!
Hope you all had a fab weekend.


  1. Hi Sarah, I checked out the photos on Facebook, and wowser what a fantastic market, and as you say nice to be the buyer instead of the seller for a change! S:)

  2. It was lovely to meet you in person too! See you tomorrow at First Thursdays!


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