Monday, 1 April 2013

Sewing Dream Comes True

What a headline! 
The exciting day has come to share with you all my new web page: Sew Love Tea Do!
It has been a lot of hard work and long hours (including losing everything once when my laptop was stolen) but finally I have here on the 1st of April launched this spiffy looking webpage! So pleased!
I want to give special thanks to friendy Olivia, a wonderful lass that does so much more than just her amazing maps! & to Beck n Stace too for your artistic advise and mouse clicking. I also am profusely thanking Mr Oratia, my parents and my next door neighbours for putting up with my million questions, brainstorms, stories and vents. Your patience has been hugely appreciated. Im so excited to officially begin...cant wait to galavant off somewhere with my sewing machine family woohoo.
Head on over and have a squizz HERE!
But before you leave and never come back...Trinity Street Loft will still exist in all her crafty card-worthy glory. Antics and adventures, foodie treats and op shop finds, colours of an eco warrior life in general all shall continue on in here in lofty goodness...

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