Sunday, 7 April 2013


Have I officially introduced you to Mr Oratia? I'm an awfully proud gf today after his first gig last night.  
Mr Oratia becomes Granny Smith and picks the juiciest beats alongside Golden Delicious. The Midnight Harvest duo looooves funk: Old school funk, new school funk, funky breaks the lot!
 He practices every day on his cd-jays for hours after school. 
He played at our friends wedding recently and was a hit! 
The thing about funk music, it just makes you smile and WANT to dance, 
and across all ages nobody's foot is left un-tapping! 
If you are looking for a funk dj for your party he's the ticket! 
Funky attire - optional.
Thanks Red Bar for having us and our juggling apples last night, twas a whole load of fun. 
Thanks Kitch for my amaze new coat dress (&brooches plural) LOVE! 
He DJ's in bare feet but Granny Smith's gear was all thrifted the $20 in his pock-et !!

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  1. Hehe, what a delicious looking couple you two make! Brought some juicy crispy Golden Delicious apples from a roadside stall today - they are my fav!


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