Thursday, 18 April 2013

Oh Hello etsy!

Joining up over here, My Creative Space just got more ONLINE real proper! The final push was wanting so badly to be able to afford tickets to Handmade NZ so today I opened an etsy shop to 'fundraise' for it. Twas quite fun setting up a nice area for photos after watching this great video. The shop isn't under this here Lofty name but I have started with paper crafted goods that I have had at past markets. I'm in the middle of sewing a wintery range of snuggly up-cycled gear and this will soon be for sale too yipee!

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  1. Congrats on opening your shop! I'm very impressed. I opened one well over a year ago and havnt put so much as a bean in it yet! Lol! Love your Sew Love Tea Do project by the way :-)


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