Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Op shoppin' Tuesday

It's op shop sharing time again...teaming up with the others over here
It was suuuuch a beautiful clear day and as planned I was taking things much slower - but this didn't mean I couldn't visit one of my fav recycle centres..The Seagull Centre.
On a mission for a blackboard of all things.
The grand chair I did not buy, but sheesh I wanted to sit in it a while.
I peeked around corners and under things, always spotting such glorious colours
I did come away with some bright things: 2 containers and 2 cushions
Aint she a beauty?!?!
& I have since been working on shooshing up my found BLACKBOARD!!!
...How often do you go to one junk hard on the lookout for something and actually find it??
Do we ever mention how much we spent? My total was $4. Gawsh.


  1. Hmm, that tin looks like its held many a biscuit. Anzac perhaps?

  2. Oh I am so glad that someone else goes around admiring the fabrics on old mattresses too! Sometimes I find myself REALLY wanting to take them home just because of the fabric & the colours. How cool to find what you were after...looking good. Love Catherine x

  3. Wow, I can't believe you actually found what you were looking for! Looks like there's some pretty decent but amazingly cheap stuff at that shop too.

  4. I love the fabric on the old mattresses and have been tempted more than once to pay for one only to cut the fabric off. Cx


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