Thursday, 25 April 2013

Creative Space: For our mums

 It's mothers day coming up... So I thought I would get to it and create some special cards made with love of mothers, and for mothers! I think it is important when making to really focus on what something is for, believe it, feel it, and it makes it all the more soulful and special. I could just pop a sign on cards I've already made that would be suitable for mums...but no its so much nicer to embrace something and 
I have been inspired by the colours and textures on the page of some recent golden hands craft mags I was gifted. So with soft cuddles from mother bear in mind I have pieced together some special cards.
These cards are pie charts of craftyness 100% pretty & 100% full of love just like our mums!
For sale at up and coming markets: Kraftbomb this sunday, and First Thursday next thurs eve.
Joining up with the creative crew over here at Creative Spaces!

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