Sunday, 2 December 2012

My Top 10 Cards

My hands are struggling after an epic weekend of craft knifing, stamping, & drawing rows and rows of stick figures. I almost reached my target of having 200 cards at the ready for the grand Auckland Art & Craft Fair. I loaded most of them up to my facey page but here I have picked out my top 10:
1) More than just some bow earings or tinsel in the hair this is Christmas dress ups at its best!
2) From a 70's NZ Woman magazine a hilarious good read of Christmas Notes & Notions
3) & then sometimes pictures I find just make me smile and wonder...wh??? The image was a bit shiny, he is wearing a leather jacket as opposed to his knitted tee - go figure! I am hoping this dude will hop too and from snowy and sunshiny Christmases.
 4) This lad looks like a bit of a scatch pro. Do you remember that game? We played it a lot growing up. This guy has two friends, vortex champ and also frisbee champ
5) A lovely slice of NZ that I cannot wait to check out this summer !!!
6) If only I had the patience to crochet my own clothes this summer! What a range here!
7) I love the illustrator of these adorable kids books & goofy gangly giraffes too!
8) I grew up playing in and around a dinghy 
so many fond memories with my sister, and best boating pal Lisa xx
9)  Thinking of my mum with this one, it looks a lil like her, and she is amazing with her citrus and she used to wear crochet dresses that she made herself. If I were around in the 70's we woulda been pals!
10) A: I love this dress, and B: I love the rural small town thrifting on summer roadies.
...and 1 more for good measure. Tiggie. Oh sweet Tiggie how did I find you? This card already is off on an adventure, but she is my number 1 fav so far since my very first card. What a babe, and a drenched lamb?! Bless!

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  1. hi Sarah, I think Tiggie has to me my fav, or maybe it's her drenched lamb that I love so much! You will love Golden Bay, I always find it so hard to go home, and I'm only over the hill!!


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