Monday, 24 December 2012

Hauraki Rail Trail

Hauraki Rail Trail Adventure brought to you by Sarah 'Langbein' Lancaster - thats me!
Starting with a morning mix up of BUSY PEOPLES BREAD a must recipe to learn off by heart for busy people. SO easy and SO SO delicious. From the lovely Annabel Langbein The Free Range Cook.
We headed off on to the new cycling trail pretty much from our doorstep, 
a little out from Thames township (the path begins in Thames though)
The weather was perfect, no cyclone yet and no sunshine to burn shoulders and necks.
The path is all small gravel so it pays to have mountain bike wheels, 
and a cushy seat.
There were plenty of cattle stops ...
and we were recommended to 'hit them at speed' rather than walk your bike over.
Unfortunately my basket flew off after one - nothing was broken though!
We were headed with our basket of picnic goodies in search of some famous Matatoki Cheese 
Perhaps the goat who makes the cheese?
We tried 4 cheeses from the shop all were incredibly delish and went perfectly with the seedy fresh warm bread, salami, & dips we had bought at the Thames Market in the weekend. We shared a beer to wash it all down and topped it all off with Icecream!! - locally made in Waihi, thanks Thomas.
After our picnic feast on the lawn, we patted some bunnys and chickens and then headed back home much happier with the wind behind us. A good half day trip to do. I recommend it to all visitors to the Coro. The trail goes all the way to Paeroa (great antiques!) and through to Waikino in the Karangahake gorge (great swimming holes!) So go find yourself a bike basket now!

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