Thursday, 13 December 2012

A lovely local night market

My darling Mr Oratia teaches a class of year 2's (thats cute lil 6 year olds) and tonight the junior syndicate at his school had a wee xmas market. 
Each class made something to sell at a table: scarecrows, cupcakes, plant pots, mobiles, mosaics & more. Most stalls had stuff made out of other which I loved of course. Some very inventive craft and recycling was to be enjoyed.
 Mr Oratia and his class made planters out of milk bottles. I got a whole bunch of lettuces! yum!
& I found these wonderful wire mobiles - the shiny tin lids perfect for scaring the birds away from my lettuce youngin's. woop!
 & to top it all off, great music & warm food.
Thanks Oratia Primary School Jn'rs! You guys are crafty kids!

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