Thursday, 27 December 2012

Festival Essentials

It's a few days till NYE partying begins
Other than the obvious denim cut offs, crochet singlets, jandals and emergency gumboots (much needed last year!)....there's a few essentials to add to your festival swag.
1. It's easier with a backpack especially one that opens up on top for easier access. You dont know how far you will be lugging your stuff from car to campsite, and over what farmland terrain.
2. A chilled mag, like the summer issue of Peppermint. A good book is ok, but hard to put down. If you want 5 mins of feet up time a mag is perfectly suited.
3. Drink bottle/thermos to keep water cold with ice
4. Woolly hat for evenings, or a surprise cold day
5. Old, well worn flats for dancing (jandals just do not make the cut in crowds)
6. Flower claw clip, easy to pull up that salty hair, and add a touch of summery colour!
7. Straw hat, mine is from Grey Lynn Fest years ago, flax woven with a hole in top perfect for those who wear their hair up in a high bun throughout summer.
8. Blue blockers - making all things golden.
9. Instruments, I have bells tied around my ankles and a shaker. akishh akisshh
10. Utility belt - not a fannypack or a bumbag, but a cooler version sewn by me, for festival dancing.
11. Fabric, useful for covering shoulders, or eye's when the sun is coming up. Wear as a head scarf, or for fashioning a dress, skirt or top. Fabric (try linen or lightweight cotton) is my TOP traveling item.

* Extra batteries for the camera * Earplugs * Suncream * Togs togs undies & togs

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  1. oooh! It's getting closer! exciting!
    Was talking to Dad - if you get as far as Golden Bay on your travels he has set up a tent on his section (complete with double bed I believe!) and you are more than welcome to use it for as long as you require. Let me know and I'll give you his number. xx


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