Thursday, 26 April 2012

Those Dam Tramps

Never one for getting up at dawn, I still like to take some time to be a proud kiwi, and to remember those who fought before us so heroically. The ANZACS!
How did you spend this years ANZAC day?
We gathered some of our own friendly troops to walk 3.5hrs (mostly uphill) to here:
 The Dam Tramps (our new found name) found a grand picnicing spot, toasted the troops who fought for our country, and dug into our kiwi vogels sandwiches (and pies).
 We are pretty lucky to have such beautiful bush on our doorstep.
 Whether its a 4 day, or 4 hour tramp there is plenty to discover out west.
 Just remember to scrub and spray your shoes to not walk in the germs that are eating away at our great Kauri. I saw on the news only 60% of trampers actually do this! Unbelievable! Some tracks are being closed because of this.
So please please scrub and spray, scrub and spray, then we all can have a wonderful day.
Happy ANZAC day everyone!

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