Sunday, 29 April 2012

Thank you friendys

Thank you to everyone who came to say hello at Kraftbomb today!
all bundled up in the early hours of sunday am.
It was pretty amazing to be in a room (almost) side by side with my crafty idols. 

So thank you! Without the smiles and support of you lot - Helen, Britt, Debs, Rach, Leigh (with her delish cupcake fuel xx), Sarrah, Mr Oratia (who IS 'hipster' enough to man my stall for a mo), & Mr Bigge (who is cool enough to add captions to my cards) - It just wouldn't be as fun now would it? 

And thanks to the kraftybombers who loved my goodies I have some $ to buy some groceries - yay! and I squeezed in a lil treat, I pretty much live in my 1st pair so, another pair of these from Zippity 
snazzy & I love

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  1. Well done Sweets! I'll bet everyone loved your sells and made lots of buys! xxx


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