Thursday, 26 April 2012

Love Nature :Upendo wa asili

This week has been a lot about loving nature. I am a bit of a tree hugger in the usual life but this week it has been heightened a bit. Probs due to the midweek public holiday and tramping activities, and also because I have started as an intern at Miranda Brown, conscious cloth. MB is such an enormous inspiration, and I am like a sponge in her gorgeous studio full of colour, earth, natural fibers, and utmost respect and love for the land, sea and all that is mother nature. Her greater thinking is remarkable, and she feels more like an environmentalist rather than just a fashion designer.
So in this weeks Creative Space, I have taken my usual cards of Love Adventure! to Love Nature! 
 I found a very very old, spineless book on leaf rubbings and thought what a shame this would be to stay tucked away gathering more dust on somebodies bookshelf.
They are like all the rest of my cards, you can save a tree and re-use them 
& they will be with me at Kraftbomb this weekend too - yipee!
I have strengthened their veins with some machine sewing, but I would like to experiment further with some other mixed media ideas ANY IDEAS/RECOMMENDATIONS?- the structures of these leaf prints speak so strongly on their own, yet in another light they appear more fragile and needing support of some further (colouful?) attention.
Watch this space. 
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  1. I think these are fantastic Sarah I think you have inspired me to go and collect some autumn leaves and do some rubbings.

  2. These are really beautiful. I do lots of rubbings with the children I look after but you made them so grown up and delicate. Well done. Really gorgeous. Love Elle xo


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