Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Happy Birthday & Happy Easter

 It's pretty darn splendid when your birthday falls on the edge of a weekend, you can somehow milk the glory and treats for the entire weekend. Think how great it is to have your birthday on a looong w/e :) Other than the cheap charlies who get you easter eggs for your birthday... It is usually rather fantastico!
So this year we started with a grand ol get together at Canton in Kingsland with:
This table of gorgeous smiles to my left
and this table of gorgeous smiles on my right
of course you do not come to Canton with Mr Oratia & I and not expect some cheeky Thai Buckeys.
Next on the cards was the roadie home to Thames for some well earned R&R - With a house to ourselves, sunshine & what felt like all the time in the world, Mr Oratia & I indulged in lotsa chocolate, beer, & fresh picked lettuce (not all at once) we had a few ventures around the Coro too.
We hung out with some lovely pals in Tairua, and picnic'd with fish n chups & played with cutie pie Ri. Mr Oratia put in the hard yards sweeping up the long yards of tiny plastic balls washed ashore from the Rena - a never ending ordeal really.
More sun & more LONG W/E meant more venturing around on the Thames side, and what better way to live life than on a bicycle! Especially if the ground is flat and the sun is shiinnninngg!!
Picnic'd at Kuranui Bay
Cruised up the coast a bit
Swam at Tararu Creek
Even found the recycling centre
Driving home from Coro to Aux after a long w/e is not at all fun, but any grimmise soon melts away when you walk in the door to these delicious morsels of magic 
My darling delightful cup cake queen out done herself with these vanilla dreams with glitter sherbert. And a smashing happy birthday collage inside! So crafty - I Love!
& my lovely classmates at school whipped this up:
That's me, making sure I get the whole cake to myself
Thank you my sweet class !! U Rock !!
Of course some special beer was shared on my actual birthday yesterday 
& I even got to unwrap long awaited pressies!!!!
Can you see it there on my wrist all pink and techy! 
...yes even the most crafty, oppy lovin' gals love a good techy pressie!
Spoilt rotten.
 I love u all so much dear pals who enjoyed this lavish SUNNY long weekend with me :)
Thanks for all the facebook love & the many phonecalls too xx


  1. Oh what a fab-u-lous birthday! xx

  2. When it feels like all your birthdays have come at once, I'll be there.....


Thank you for taking the time to share some cheer. Xx

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