Friday, 20 April 2012

Just words

In amidst a week of great productivity in the creative world, the edible world, and the go get social world, i've been feeling a bit fed up with technology and trying to figure out my frustrations of not being able to share such joys on the blog and with you lot.

For some reason my camera doesn't like batteries in his nostrils anymore. Rejecting even the finer 'longer lasting' energizers and not just my usual rechargables. Leaving me griping at having to pop out and then back in the batteries for nearly every shot. Que pasa!?!

Secondly, Blogger Snr Authority of the Uploading area tells me I cannot upload photos anymore to my blog as my max has been reached in picassa web albums (sorry I didnt even know I was using it). A purchase of more data is required... and it has now been a week since I kindly gave google (yes gave the one of the most freakeshly powerful beings of the world) my cc details... and still no "purchase" of more photo data has been made, so no uploading allowed.

And so I am left a writing mere words on the page, instead of giving you lovelies some pretty colours and shapes to peruse.

Lo siento! Sorry!

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  1. Time for a Flickr account? (You can embed your Flickr photos straight into your post in html view). Congrats on Craftbomb - hope it goes off for you (excuse the pun)


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