Saturday, 28 April 2012

Popping my Kraftbomb Cherry

It's probably our city's most largest and funkiest monthly crafty cool mercardo..
and finally Trinity Street Loft is cool enough to be there :)
I am pretty nervous to set up space alongside some of my crafty idols so I been madly working hard to flesh out my colourful goodies to include a few new things:
  A4 kids activity gift bags, and some recycled envelopes to inspire some snail mailing.
Some nerdy encyclopedia magnets, and I made some cute new swing tags for my totes.
These are the new totes especially made for the local shoppers of the Grey Lynn community. 
All recycled fabrics, and hand sewn designs
And I made some more driftwood necklaces - these are from Tairua, Sailors Grave Beach.
A special gracias to my crafty amigas of this weeks craft night - Great laughs and inspiration!
Im feeling all fingers and thumbs, and the room is a bit of an extra special mess...
...but hey, bring on my first ever Kraftbomb! - Come say hello :)


  1. AWW i REALLY Wish i lived closer i would LOVE to come along to this

  2. You are so Creative, I love all the Cards and Magnets that I got from you today. Thanks so much...Can't wait for the next one! xx


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