Thursday, 25 October 2012

You know you have become a 'factory' when... don't take a dinner break! (and your dining table looks like this)
 I thought I was pretty well stocked of cards, but stocked turned to STOKED when a special friend purchased 16 cards the other night! Thanks SharC!
Now she is set for a while, and for all occasions too!
I am thinking of setting up some packs, for people like SharC who like to keep a wee stash.
What kind of cards do you like to keep on hand?
Birthday? Get Well Soon? New Baby? 
 Tonight I did a couple of Halloween ones too, for the jack of it really.
See them all & many other cardy friends in their cardy flesh here:
Saturday in the heart of Kingsland at the Love Vintage & Retro Market
Sunday in Grey Lynn Community Centre at Kraftbomb

Keepin it crafty and creative like the others over here!

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  1. Cards Galore! (True story that is the name of a card store here in London, looks like your dining table has turned into the same)... xxx


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