Saturday, 27 October 2012


Head on down to Ecostore - 1 Scotland street, Freemans bay
It's beautiful and big and awesomely green inside, its one of those places you just want to spend time in, perusing, reading, soaking up the goodness & always finding a new way to do something better for our planet. They even have a giant sized, table height, herb garden!
aaannnnddd now they are stocking a whole bunch of my 
100% recycled
one of a kind

Thanks Ecostore for supporting handmade, environment lovin' craft!

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  1. congrats on the new outlet! I didn't know you could actually visit Ecostore(dumb Mainlander here!) In the good old days I used to order their products (I was going to say online, but think it was much more basic than that, but can't actually remember how) and a few days later I'd get a lovely box in the post. Now days I push my trolley through the dawdaling idiots in Pac'n'Save and grab their products off the shelf. Not quite as romantic! S:)


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