Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cardy Creative Space

Once again joining up with the creative crew over here, in this weeks Creative Space it's all been about the card making once again. Addicted? Perhaps...
This weekend is the third weekend in a row of markets. It has been putting a huge smile on my dile to see the many cards being sold, & I am more than happy to keep making a new batch every week to fill in the gaps hehe. It really excites me knowing they will be heading off on global adventures, & also that some trees are being saved, slowly but surely by these cards re-sendable nature :)
This special one here is inspired by the friends I have leaving here, adventuring about Europa, or working up a storm in London town. HELLO MY SWEETS!
...But this lil guy here still doesn't have a caption, could you help me out?
If its easier you could find him here on the lofts facebook page.

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