Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Red Cross Design Challenge Cont...

The challenge week is pretty much over, and I have well and truly pulled my hair out over this one.
Not because the challenge has been SOO hard, but more so because I believe SOO much in the purpose of the whole project. Reducing the amount of clothing getting dumped into the ground every day! As I said before, this is something that I literally live for! I just expected so much of myself with this & I've got mucho frustrated when things didn't go to plan...
A) Somehow my drawstring/suspender shorts made from a mans blazer ended up being replicated in another persons outfit...Copycats, its nothing new in the fashion industry I know, sigh! 
B) When going to Quality Control on friday my items got well and truly picked over and the so called 'constructive criticism' ended up just criticism & some interesting choices of words to do anything but inspire students onwards & upwards, especially when they are so passionate, Sigh!
Thankfully I had the escape to Coromandel to look forward to.
Some hugs from mum, a forage through the fruit trees, and a bit of this:
Thanks for all your help mum!
Here's to tomorrow, the last day of the challenge!

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