Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Judgement Day for The Red Cross Design Challenge

Walking in to course this morning it was fabulous to see everyones upcycling projects all laid out and looking fabulous - seriously how many bags of landfill uglyness did we shoosh up???!!!
I had been away at work experience at the awesome SBN so I joined my two looks to the room
It has definately come a long way from the first sketches - so much crammed into one week
Then it was presentation time to all the lovely judges. It was great to have wonderful models, and dress them up in new/old gears and then have the opportunity to present my design and strong beliefs on upcycling and saving stuff from landfill to the panel.

Coming away with Highly Commended was fabulous, looking here at what I started out with:
& all the bits and bobs I crafted them in to:
My motto being: No scrap is too big or too small not to be made into something
Making flowers out of tiny strips & leftover collars, and I stuffed a bangle with an entire jacket lining!
Check all the colourful brilliance surrounding the room
Meet the gorgeous Olivia (above) who worked her shirts and jacket into wonderous prettyness 
& Shayna who turned dress pants into the most funky hoodie (below) - I SO badly want to own.
 and if you thought an anorak could never get more 80's ... well here is one awesome jacket that needs to be rocked, made from the green anorak, and a dowdy old black jacket. Holly was one of the named winners with this one. Props to you lass!
There will be more pics and a video following our class through this challenge, and online voting too to find the overall winner. But for now, I am popping up my feet, feeling stoked to have completed this task, and even more stoked at all the funky gears now given new life! yahoo!


  1. wow! They all look amazing, what a transformation. Congrats on the award - well deserved!

  2. Such awesome work here!! Well done to everyone who got amongst. Love you're work Sweets xx


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