Monday, 5 December 2011

Simple Fate

...amidst a nostalgic moment, one that involved me and some old family photo albums...
 I spotted a re-occuring colourful dress. I love seeing my mother in such great dresses of the 70's 80's and 90's and have tried to squeeze into the few that remain in her wardrobe...but this one I had not seen in the wardrobe - blast! 
Im sure she probably made it too...I wondered if she had the pattern still, I hadn't come across it in my many rummages through her pattern boxes...
Later that morning, with the usual saturday Salvation Army expedition look what I found!!!
Fate? I think so! So this has gone straight to the top of my to-do pile - if only I could find a print as cool as mums?!?!


  1. Good find! Hope the dress turns out well, looking forward to seeing the results! x

  2. Fabulous find - I bet it would look brilliant in a single colour too.

    Happy day!


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