Thursday, 8 December 2011

My Circleful Creative Space

I've been going bonkers with circles this week!
 I signed up to Sew Funky's Kiwi Christmas Ornament Swap about a month ago and have been a busy paper pixie for a while now..
What better way than to spend my days dreaming of the summer on its verge, and the wonderous patches around NZ that I so adore.
Taking a fav spot - Cathedral Cove, 
Raglan - a recently discovered treasure trove
& Malborough Sounds - a mere dream of mine to go...
 I toasted my new stamp set
and dove into my hoards of my rescued old papers
 I turned envelopes to their prettier side... 
...and cut, folded glued and wished well my christmas ornaments to share.
I hope my swap group all enjoyed their treats as I am loving the suprises in the mail too! 
Here's to celebrating all those beautiful spots around NZ for you, your friends, jandy's and chilly bins too!  - Happy Summer everyone!

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  1. Wow these are truly gorgeous!
    What is a chilly bin?

  2. they look great!!! love the stamps xx

  3. Love your ornaments and stamped words! I love everything about paper and stamps :)

  4. Cute idea ...I am sure they will very loved.

  5. Hehe Felicity a chilly bin, or as we kiwi's apparently say it "chully bun" is like an eski, or icebox you take whereever to keep your bevvys cold in ice

  6. Nice one - thanks for the explanation and the giggle.
    x F

  7. great idea using maps, makes me wish I had some to make these ornaments! love the stamped parts too :-)

  8. These are just gorgeous, great idea xx

  9. Love them Sarah! You've made me hungry for a piece of pav now, roll on christmas day!

  10. Such sweet little christmas ornaments. and love the letter stamps. x

  11. They look great, that's such a good idea turning the envelopes to their pretty sides, I love the patterns inside them!


Thank you for taking the time to share some cheer. Xx

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