Tuesday, 9 August 2011

More sweet mail

Although I’m very much all for supporting our lovely local kiwi designers, I have recently been taking advantage of this big bold beautiful $NZ$ and prowling the worldwide arcades of etsy. Some of my favourite items from the weekend’s browse session are:

Bathers by Minowbathers,    Boots from Sudsbucket
Brooch by Hugaporcupine   Feathers from Dove Tree

My inner stationary geek is soon very pleased receiving colourful envelopes from addresses far and wide, with non-nz bird stamps and those two red words PAR AVION. *sigh*
Although, as the self-proclaimed eco warrior that I am, I do feel guilty of the many carbon miles these etsy buys swim and fly, so I’m planning an extention to the flat veggie garden as my offset. Xx love you little worldy xX

Look at what came in the mail today from twolittledoves tucked away in a cute little box & drenched with sun rays all the way from Malibu...

Mr Oratia my lovely other half is an ENORMOUS octopus fan… no I didn’t’ by him a pink and gold necklace - I bought myself one! Of course! Now I can keep a little reminder of him around my neck. With a beautiful long chain,  the perfect length to clutch in my hand. If it couldn’t get much better, its actually a locket …. What might I sketch to pop inside? Maybe Mr Oratia might lend me some words…

Stay tuned for more mail – more treats arriving soon. Yahoo!

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