Wednesday, 24 August 2011

for all things splorish...

A few weekends ago Mr Oratia and I ventured on a little mission down to the site of Splore

I wrapped my attempted cinnamon pinwheels into a picnic basket, and packed the billy for Mr Oratias necessary tea. With a hop, skip and jump we were headed south east to the sounds of Batucada…
My first time visiting the site of all things splorish, but for Mr Oratia, it was a sweet reunion with the park that was this time slightly less adorned.
We had come seeking inspiration, conversation and a prowl around the nooks  
We met with the creators and fellow art makers
A dawdle across the rocky beach tickled me into a peppery arty plan.
A sunny sit at the ‘lagoon’
A gulp of salty splorey air, 
We bid our farewells and headed to find a sheltered picnic spot.  
the goodies....
 We clambered down roots, and found a sheltered cove - not quite tinned biscuits nor lashings of ginger beer, but our fish and chips on the beach were delish! 

The cinnamon pinwheels & Mr Oratia were a bit disappointed I forgot the lighter to boil the billy, but the sun warmed us on the rocks where we lay, a-bubbling with ideas, from sea, to beach, to billy goat tracks... 
my daydreaming view
Creative creatures you must attend this wonderous weekend of colour and community
Check out the gallery for some inspiring pictures
and all submissions for art installations must be in by 9th September!!

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