Thursday, 27 March 2014

Inspired Adventures Part 3: Local Craft Beer.

I love craft. yes. I also love craft beer.
I was so excited to see on my first walk down Aro Valley a few meters from my front door. Not only an op shop, a vintage general store, a cafe, a park, a community centre, a community garden (or 4), AND a petrol station turned brewery! Meet: Garage Project.
Beautiful bottles to re-use. Beautiful range to sample.
 My choice after a lot of sampling, the Pilsner: Hops on Pointe. 
A lovely collaboration with the Royal NZ Ballet.
The crew were all super friendly and passionate about crafting beer. Experimenting with flavours (clearly, just look at their whiteboard range) and encouraging re-fills. & why not stroll round the corner to re-fill. It all made so much sense. Aro Valley is so full of locally made. I love it and cant wait to head back for more. Support Local. Shop Local. Yum.

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