Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Inspired adventures Part 1: WOMAD

Oh golly it's been a long long while hasn't it just!? & coming off a jam packed week of adventures I have got this urge to blog about it. gah! So many incredible people, places & experiences that I really just want to share out to the world and say HEYo! Get a LOADA THISSSS!
I reckon it might be because for the first time in a long time I packed my bags just for me Sarah Lancaster, not necessarily Sarah Sew Love (though I know I am never not wearing that hat) I jumped into a car with 2 strangers off to a WOMAD music festival with a forecast for rain and all I had planned was to dance.  .....Then I boarded a plane back to one of my favourite cities excited to see friends faces again and to explore, wander, eat & photograph. Perhaps it has in fact been an inspiration week. A scheduled one at that between booked workshops & epic festival workloads - I definitely have needed to shake it out and just be me for a wee bit.
& so here's to it ... & some great things recently seen: Part 1: WOMAD
One way to make sure people absolutely love a grey skied festival is to throw the forecast to 'cyclone' for the week prior. We had a few showers, but plenty of sunshine and it was mostly dry underseat. The food market was enormous with so so many choices, and every day a new stall seemed to be the mad popular one with the most enormous queue, as if word got round that you HAD to try that one. 
I saw the lovely Glory Days team and their stunning storm proof makeovers and up-do's SO GRAND! Their latest issue has a great write up about the amazing the incredible the jivey Pokey Lafarge. WHO was the absolute HIT of Womad festival. Not just for me, but for many others and reviewers too. Here's my favourite from the band. Alongside Pokey, there was also amazingness of the usual Latin Aotearoa, Weird Together and Kimbra... but highlights for me would have been Mokoomba, Red Baraat and La Chiva Gantiva really got the kids a skankin'. A festival that seemed all about the music for me and I loved it that way. Refreshing for someone who is usually all about the festival costumes & cider.

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  1. I love your outfit.


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