Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Inspired Adventures Part 2: Wunderbiking around Welly

A very clever thing to do is to visit a clever idea in Wellington. Visit the Wunderbikes
and of course book yourself a bike. For a day, or for your whole stay. Wellington Wunderbikes is an awesome community project at the Aro Valley Community Centre where they have shooshed up some bikes to lend out to visitors. Giving more 2wheeling access to folk to discover this beautiful city. Make a note to take something warm with you so you don't get caught out in the windy welly weather change like we did. There are a few soft hills, so best find your gears before leaving. Celia and I had a great adventure to get lost in Newtown on an op shop excursion, we missioned out to Island bay and had a leisurely ride along the gorgeous waterfront to Lyall bay to pick up a bike pal. The ride home was a lot easier once Celia & I had got to know each other better on the lovely big hill at 5 oclock traffic. Read more about Wunderbikes here (see Celia looking slick), and check out their facebook page here.
Meet Celia. The beauty. With hidden gears.
Newtown,  checking out the bike boys in the bike cafe across the road.
Op shopping something we both very much love to do.
Down by the boardwalk, down by the sea. We stopped to watch some planes land.
Making pals at the beach. Wanting to go swimming. Sunny Wellington!!
Celia made me selfie.
4.50pm. Sheltering in a cave. Lyall bay. Shivering immensely.

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