Sunday, 5 August 2012

Loving our planet

I just so love our planet, don't you?
I try to do everything, with a little thought about how this might affect our planet. 
 - Shopping only secondhand, or locally handmade, 
- Composting, & recycling my rubbish, 
- Cycle commuting, & jogging instead of gyming
- Making all my crafts out of waste/found/2nd hand objects & materials
...But I wanted to find out what other people want to do, or already do to LOVE OUR PLANET.
So at the recent First Thursday market I took along a gorgeous old globe 
- thanks to SharC, Jedi, Mack & Jenna!
and asked people to make just one pledge - one thing they could do to help show our planet a little bit more love. & check it out 3 hours later!!!
Thanks everyone - so much love!!
I have popped them up on my wall world map at home - some of my favourites are:
If you are thinking about your own pledge... then fab - start now! & you can pledge your little heart away at my next market, hopefully Kraftbomb at the end of the month!

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