Saturday, 3 November 2012

The FIRST Christmas card

Was printed in 1843. 
The FIRST one for the Trinity St Loft was made today!
 I saw Christmas decorations out in the shops yesterday & a fabulous selection at my fav hospice shop on Delta Ave, New Lynn. 
Another thing to add to your check the op shop first before buying new list. 
and so I got well into the spirit today. It was nice to craft away and dream of glorious Christmas gluttony & catching up with all the extended family. After a good few hours out of the rain, I have prepped a grand total of 31 cards for sewing and stamping tomorrow.
 and in my discoveries through some lovely old & browned Womens Weeklys,
I found these 'notes & notions' on Christmas. I hope they are not too small to read as they are very good chuckle indeed. In fact there was exactly 31 of them on the list. 
This lovely list of christmas tips will only ever be on TWO cards - but by passing them on, luckily many more people will be able to enjoy them throughout their lifetime. Although I make all my cards with so much care and love, I do often have a wee favourite here and there. These ones take the cake, the Christmas cake! ...Oh and spot the new coloured card, I have been saving her up for the special occasion. could one say 'limited edition' Trinity Street Loft teehee

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